Where was i 

His everyone ! Sorryyyy for not posting any thing for so  long  The reson for its was that i was  performing umrah and was in  makkah  As it is necessary too perform umrah if  you are cabebale of it And it’s my pleasure that i got the chance  too perform it After that  i was … More Where was i 


Hi everyone!  I know I have been gone for a while because my school started so I was busy sorry for that  So let me know about your experience to back to school and what is your favorite thing in school that make you go back every day Love you all  Thanks  And see my … More Q&A


Hi everyone!hope you  are enjoying your day So question of the day is  What is your hobby for spending free time and why ? Do let me know in the comments because I am bored  of my hobby and want something fun so I could spend my free time  Thanks love 

Enjoy the life

Hi guys !hope you are having a beautiful day  Well today I wanted to talk about our life we are one of those who will love their life if there is no difficulty in there life and everything is going smoothly but even a slightest problem that may be for just a day ruins are … More Enjoy the life

Inspire the world 

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a beautiful day and inspiring the world with your life  Ok are you or not  you should be because we have only one life to live and we should make the full out of it and make examples for the world to follow by our missions rather than just … More Inspire the world 


Hi everyone!hope you are having a good day  I do q&a after one day so today question of the day is  Who is your role model and what do they inspire you to do ? Let me know in the comments below 😊 Follow me if you like my post so you get notifications when … More Q&A

Girls Be strong 

Hi everyone!hope you are having a beautiful day  Today lets talk about how strong we are  Are you  strong or not  If yes than what makes you strong and if no then what is keeping you from being strong  We all know being a girls is really difficult and we have to stay strong no … More Girls Be strong