I am not a terrorist 

Hi guys hope you are having a good day 

I really wanted to talk about something and let you know that I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist 

I don’t now why people relate terrorism to the Muslim religion if they were Muslim then why would they attack Muslims and specially they holy places why don’t people think about it they just blame the religion where my religion don’t tech me to be a terrorist  it teaches me to be a kind and helpful person for others who can’t even think of hurting an animal

 didn’t care about what people use to think but recantly a used to comment on bloggers post every single time they posted and that person asked to be friend and asked me about myself and I told her that I am 15and a Muslim and that it from there own she never replied it broke me down so much that what is my fault I haven’t done anything then why everyone just look at my religion and teach me that way 

Trust me it doesn’t have any religion 

That is the reason I haven’t been blogging regularly just thinking what if one of follower got to know that I am Muslim and they will just leave me and my family will break  down

But I no longer fear that because my family knows me and they won’t leave me and I am proud to say that yes I am a Muslim and I don’t care what others think 

If you guys agree with me than pls comment below and tell me what you think it is really needed


Love you 


7 thoughts on “I am not a terrorist 

  1. Just ignore the uneducated people like this blogger and focus on the people that support you, religion is like your appearance, or your hobbies or your nationality. Everyone has similarities and everyone has differences, you may be a muslim but it does not mean that you are a terrorist, because you are different, and just because someone is a terrorist it does not mean they are going to be muslim

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