Are books your best friends

Who is your best friend?

Books are my best friends ,and even you should make them your bf  for life because they are the only thing that will be there till your last day they will be your best sport in your life that no one can break 

Books give you information that you never new and never even thought of they light up your future so much that every one will appreciate you and they will look up to you as their idol 

So make them your friend it’s not only liting  you future also helping the state to develop where you live so why not we make full advantage of itStudy is so important so fuccous on your study’s and the best way to top it to make books your best friend like normal friends when one is in trouble the other rush in to help similarly books are going to help you in the toughest day of you life 

So get motivated and make studies your habit 

Love you all 

And have a good day 

achive your goal See my last post  


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