Be who you are 

Hi guys ! Hope you are having a beautiful day 

I want to talk to you guys on a very important topic today and that is about fake personality or fake people what ever you want to say it 

Ok let me ask you a question 

How will you fell when you will get to know that the person you know for so long turns out to be fake  and he or she is a totally different person behind your back 

I know it’s a terrible felling  

Why are people being  fake is it because they are scared of their true self  if yes then why ?what is the reason for  this  attitude 

Well We all know that there is  a reason behind every thing then even behind this there must be a reason  well their is and that is us yes it’s us who make some people fell so bad about their appearance that they forget their self and try to blend themselves with every one  and hence they turn out fake 

This is really important thing and we will have to focus on it we shouldn’t judge people on their appearance it’s not their fault that they don’t have the personality that we like it’s how God has created them then who are we to judge them stop this judgment and let them live their life how they like 

For those who have changed into a fake person stop it you don have to be like this be yourself and not something whom even you don’t know because at the end you are just  going to end up hurting your self and left alone 

I hope I have convey my point to all 


Love you all 

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