Achieve your goals


Hi everyone!

good morning or afternoon or evening hope you are having a beautiful day

So what were your goals for the day and did you archive them if yes then congrats I know you must be thinking what’s in it to congratulate

Well their is for some of you ho don’t know that there is majority of people who plan to do somethings for day but at the end of the day they find that they haven’t done anything 

Why ? Why does it happens

So let me tell you the reasons

  1. They just sit in their couch watching tv shows 
  2. They don’t care about time and they never when did 8 turned into 6 

After the realization of time they don’t attemp to do their things in hurry rather they just postpone it to yesterday This is what majority of people do
So the main  point is that they don’t realize how precious time is and they just keep postponding their work and when they realize that the day had ended they start thinking why wasn’t I able to do my work why didn’t I achieve my goals 

So This is the life of lazy people and  if you are being lazy and sitting on you couch then get up and start your day start doing your work write know because time stops for no one 

Thanks and love you all 


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