Fashion trends in Asia

Hi guy’s!

What is trending in Asia does any one know ?

Well I decided to share some with you hope you like it

  • Nails and henna


Bright and multi colored nails are so in right know in Asia with that they love to apply henna on any occasion whether it’s some one’s wedding  or a birthday party they just love to color their hands with some henna there are so many beautiful designs I will insert some down

  • Outfit Ideas
  • gowns are so much in with layers bright colors
  • As you can see the dresses are in layers but still they are really light to hold trust me they are so comfortable but these are only some ides that I am sharing whit you there is a whole lot of variety you can check

  • makeup
  • this is my favorite hope even you will love it

    the most important is eye makeup it is so deep and colure  full  with so much drama to it

  • overall look imagethis is the bridal look for the main day of wedding in Asia isn’t it stunning it fought my eye I love it so much and really hope that even you are going to love it
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  • Thanks love you guys
  • Flame of hope see my last blog

2 thoughts on “Fashion trends in Asia

  1. Hi guys I love to share my thoughts with you because I love you guys if you want more blogs like this than let me know I will do it fore you and don’t forget to follow it will really help me to grow thanks 😊


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