Flame of hope

Hope of flameAsian cultureimage Hi everyone!hope you are having a beautiful day

i wanted  share something with you all that I have personlly faced

I used to be a very confident and a life living girls I was so proud to have so good friend well that what I thought but as the time passes I get to know that my own friends were making me look bad and mean in front of others they would talk so harsh and bad things about me that i have never did or said all this situation mad me  so sad and stress that all day I would stay in my bed and think why my own friends turned against me ☹️and then one day i got to know that they were gelous of me just because I was much better in studies then they were

i was going through so much that my grades started to fall and it made me fell more bad but I didn’t lose hope And started thinking why I am bringing my self done just because of some people who were gelous of  me at that time I just had only a flame of hope that I will get out of this situation and be who I used to be and I regained my self slowly as the days passed I felt so good and once again I was the person who  love to enjoye life and make the full use of it .

Th main point that I want to convey to every one is to not to lose their hope even though if they are going through so much that they can’t see anything except from darkness in their life but hope is what will bring light in the darkness and that particular hope is going to light up your life

There are so many of people Out there who must be going through situation like I had and if you know someone who is going through something and had lost their hope of regaining themselves than you can give them hope that everything  is going to be all right and be the flame of hope in their life and light up their world

be a ligHt and not darkness

stay positive and help others

Spread love not hatenes

Love you all 😘


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